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Llama Facts

A llamas life span is about 15 to 25 years.  The average height is 36" to 47" at the shoulder.  They can weigh between 250-450 pounds.  Average gestation for a llama is 350 days.  A llama can come in a variety of colors, solid or spotted, or they can be marked with an array of colors.  There wool can range from white to black with shades of gray, brown and cream.

Females are first bred at about 24-36 months of age.  Llamas do not have a heat cycle; they are induced ovulators.  Llamas can breed any time of the year. This is very nice, depending on where you live.  They have a single baby called a "cria".  Normal weight for a cria if between
20-35 pounds.  Llamas are very easy to care for.  The recommended care for them is shearing, vaccinations, worming and having there toe nails trimmed.  Llamas make great pets for kids who what to get in volved in 4h or FFA.  Llamas can pull carts, they can carry packs so that you can go hiking.  Llamas are shown at local and state fairs, they do performance classes with them, and comformation.  Llamas do need shelter and shade, so that they can get out of the elements.

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